Why use a Rangefinder to play paintball or Airsoft?

Why use a Rangefinder to play paintball or Airsoft?

To win a paintball or airsoft game, you need several factors:

  • A good ball
  • Launchers that work
  • Players who play as a team
  • A good strategy based on effective tactics

It is not the purpose of this article to explain the first three points, but for the fourth, good strategy and effective tactics, the use of a rangefinder is a key factor.

Whether in competition or for leisure play, experienced players always "walk" the course.
They scout to prepare strategy and tactics.
Without this prior work it is impossible to deploy effectively on the field.

The term comes from the fact that distances are measured by counting the number of steps. Hence the expression walking the terrain.

There are several problems with this technique:

  • It is a long, tedious and difficult process that puts many people off. It is a long, tedious and difficult process that many players and teams do not do rigorously.
  • Different people have different "steps" and so the measurements are approximate.
  • As the players get tired, the quality of the walking becomes poorer.

But the preparation of these strategies represents half of a winning match.

So there are several kinds of teams:

  • Those who have no game plan and lose most of the games
  • Those who have a bad game plan and only beat the previous ones
  • Those who have effective plans, including strategy and tactics, and win tournaments

By using a rangefinder you ;

  • Make your walking much easier.
  • Get reliable and accurate measurements.
  • Create more complex and/or more effective tactics

With a few clicks you can :

  • Locate positions that can be taken in a short time
  • Determine which positions are in range or not
  • Spot pre-bunking opportunities
  • See areas out of range
  • Make your partners understand where they should shoot

You will save a lot of time and a lot more games !