8th Shatox Trophy: Victory of HYENES_A TACTICALS team

Take a team of veterans,
a layout with central symmetry instead of axial symmetry,
mostly younger and faster opponents,
a pump format where it's harder to keep your wits about you during the exchanges,
a top turf that makes the game even faster,
you have the format of the 8th Shatox Trophy for Hyenas... 

But there is a missing element, it is the use of the T800 tactical telemeter by the Hyenas.

  • Measurement of the distance of the obstacles,
  • Measurement of the distance of the runs,
  • Determination of the comfort zones of the engagements,
  • Calling shots by code...

Numerous strategic and tactical advantages that allowed the Hyenas to take their game up a notch, to compensate for their physical limitations by better preparation and execution.

Bravo to them for this victory without any question.