OG IRONMEN take first place at the WCPL in New York thanks to the Tomahawk 800 B

In the World Championship Paintball League (WCPL), winning isn't easy as you play against the best paintball teams in the world in the woods.

In the last round, the IRONMEN OG took second place in New York, putting them at the top of the overall WCPL 2023 series standings.
And to achieve this feat, they used the Tomahawk 800 B. Says Dirk Gadberry: "It was fast and accurate, gave us an edge by removing the uncertainties of distance."

"If you want to get that advantage and move around the field like no other team has ever done in the history of woodland paintball, get a Tomahawk 800 B. Our entire organisation uses it, from the professionals to our youth programme, the Hermans.
We'd like to say a huge thank you to Tacticals for these incredible rangefinders!"

Woodland paintball is a competitive and demanding sport, where accuracy and distance awareness are essential.

The OG IRONMEN were able to make the most of the Tomahawk 800 B to gain a decisive advantage in their matches. This device enabled them to accurately determine the distance separating them from their opponents, giving them better aiming and better decision-making.

The OG IRONMEN's outstanding performance at the WCPL in New York propelled the team to the top of the series standings. That's an impressive feat, given the world-class competitiveness of this league. Team members attribute their success in part to the Tomahawk 800 B, underlining its crucial role in their performance.

The Tomahawk 800 B is an advanced rangefinder that has become an essential tool for professional paintballers in wooded environments. Its speed and accuracy make it a reliable tool for assessing distances in the field. Players can make more informed decisions, anticipate their opponents' movements and improve their overall strategy.

Use of the Tomahawk 800 B is not limited to the OG IRONMEN professional team. The entire organisation, from professionals to the youth programme, benefits from this invaluable tool. Thanks to its rangefinders, players can concentrate on their game and be confident in their distance measurements.